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Resource Saving AES-CCMP Design with Hybrid Counter Mode Block Chaining - MAC


M. Razvi Doomun, K.M. Sunjiv Soyjaudah


Vol. 8  No. 10  pp. 1-13


IEEE 802.11i security standard is emerging as an essential security requirement to support the growth of a wide range of wireless data services and applications. However, with the advent of more battery powered wireless devices, efficient and robust cryptographic designs are needed that do not impose high computational overhead and avoid mismatch with limited battery resources and low processing capabilities inherent on these wireless devices. In this paper, we (a) apply a systematic approach to determine computational complexity and efficiency of AES-CCMP (Advance Encryption Standard - Counter Mode with Cipher Block Chaining Message Authentication Code Protocol) designed for IEEE 802.11i, (b) propose a resource saving AES-CCMP design with hybrid CBC-MAC variant merged with Counter Mode encryption, defined as Counter Mode Block Chaining-MAC (or CMBC?MAC), for faster and more efficient data encryption and decryption. A comparative analysis of CCMP with hybrid CMBC-MAC computational complexity is performed to show its energy economy.


Security, AES-CCMP, Computational Complexity, Cipher Block Chaining MAC