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Natural Language Web Application (NLWA) for Search Engine


Teh Phoey Lee, Tan Yee Teng


Vol. 8  No. 10  pp. 84-90


The internet has become crowed as the website is growing increasingly which difficult for users to find the information they require without using the search engine. However, the current search engines are subject to the returned of irrelevant result due to the ambiguity problem. As the search engine are return the search result without consider the meaning of the word that user input. This paper proposed a prototype system named as Natural Language Web Application (NLWA) to response to the ambiguity problem that occurs in perform the search using the search engine. This system was implemented the fundamental concept of natural language processing (NLP) whereby is to differentiate the similar meaning (synonyms) or multiple meaning (polysemous) of the word if it has any. The NLWA is a middleware that link to Google search engine and able to generate the synonyms or differentiate the meanings of the word that input in NLWA and in turn return the result directly from Google search engine.


Search Engine, ambiguity problem, NLWA