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Enhanced Access Control with Semantic Context Hierarchy Tree for Ubiquitous Computing


Hyuk Jin Ko, Woojun Kang


Vol. 8  No. 10  pp. 114-120


In most ubiquitous applications involving ubiquitous hospital, security mechanisms supporting the context of users and systems has becoming a key issue. Access control systems have to make decisions with users' current security-relevant context, such as time, location, user activity, and other environmental information available when the access requests arrive. In ubiquitous context-aware access control systems, a query issued by an authorized user might not be resolved if context specified by policy does not match that specified in the query, as though the semantic similarity of both contexts is much close. In this paper, semantic context-aware access control (SCAC), is proposed, to solve the problem mentioned earlier. The proposed system fetches users' context and ontology from middleware, with which context hierarchies are built. Using the context hierarchies and reasoning rules extracted from relevant ontology, the proposed model can bridging the semantic gap between policy specific context and query specific context in ubiquitous application systems such as ubiquitous hospital management systems.


Access Control, Context, Context Hierarchy, Ontology