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A Power-Aware Low-Latency Cache Management Architecture for Mobile Computing Environments


G. Anandharaj, R. Anitha


Vol. 8  No. 10  pp. 121-126


Caching frequently accessed data items on the client side is an effective technique to improve performance in a mobile environment. Classical cache management strategies may not be suitable for mobile environments due to the disconnection and mobility of the mobile clients. In this paper, we propose a novel Cache Management Architecture (CMA) for mobile hosts. The goal of our architecture is to reduce the caching overhead and provide optimal replacement policy. It aims to improve the network utilization, reduce the search latency, bandwidth and energy consumption. The architecture comprises of the following algorithms: cache placement algorithm, cache discovery algorithm and, cache replacement algorithm. By simulation results, we will show that our proposed architecture achieves lower latency and packet loss , reduced network bandwidth consumption, reduced data server workload.


Low-Latency Cache Management Architecture, Mobile Computing, CMA, Cache Management Architecture