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Wavenumber Integration for Generating an Acoustic Field in the Measurement of Stratified Sea Bottom Properties Using Propagator Matrix Approach


Prasanna Kumar. S.C, Ramakanth Kumar. P, Suresh Kumar Thakur


Vol. 8  No. 11  pp. 238-243


Determination of total solution for the depth dependence of the field: the depth dependence Green’s function for Self Source Acoustic field. In Particular the acoustic field is obtained in terms of the wave number integration of a horizontally stratified ocean. The Inverse Hankel Transform is obtained for shallow water over a Layered inhomogeneous elastic bottom using ‘Propagator matrix method’ with Fast Field Approximation Technique. Input here the part of summary.


Fast Field Approximation, Geoacoustic properties, Green’s Function, Helmholtz equation, Hankel transforms, Propagator Matrix, and Underwater acoustic