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An Efficient Model for Vibration Control by Piezoelectric Smart Structure Using Finite Element Method


Premjyoti G.Patil, Y.S.Kumara Swamy


Vol. 8  No. 11  pp. 258-264


Aerospace, one of the emerging fields is affecting greatly because of some unpreventable vibrations. Crude vibrations get generated at the time of craft operations. The beams which are used in the craft vessels in more numbers are the frequent victims of these vibrations. These vibrations tend to make the beam deformation ? very risky for lives if they are left as simple. Although a lot of suggestions came for handling the problem, their approach in modeling for beam deformation remains somewhat inefficient either as per the computational or as per implementation concerns. The paper proposed here provides a mathematical model for the deformation of cantilever beam using Finite Element Method that makes the approach so efficient. The mathematical model formulated here will lay a strong foundation to wipe out the menacing effects of such beam deformation due to the vibrations without any computational as well as implementation complexities. In addition, a theoretical analysis is also done to find out the dominating frequencies of vibration that plays a major rule in beam deformation.


Aerospace, Smart structure, cantilever beam, Finite Element Analysis, vibration