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Context Repository Architecture for Smart Collaborative Environment


S M Faisal, Mohammad Rezwanul Huq, A. S. M. Ashique Mahmood


Vol. 8  No. 12  pp. 146-153


Due to the advancement of technology, smart sensors and smart objects are becoming popular now-a-days. These smart sensors and objects have some computation power so that depending on the change of the environment they can take actions accordingly. Since the use of portable devices like PDA, cellular phone is increasing; users also would like to interact with the environment through these. Moreover, for performing complex operations, we need to have context middleware that can analyze the contexts and provide necessary services to users. Therefore, it is obvious that for all of these cases, a repository of contexts is badly needed to store the generated contexts as well as to retrieve those contexts whenever necessary. In this paper, we propose novel context repository architecture for smart collaborative environment where we have a bunch of sensors deployed, smart objects, handheld devices as well as our backend middleware. We design our context repository architecture considering all of these issues. Our context repository architecture contains solution for the repository in smart sensors, smart objects, handheld devices as well as backend middleware. We design our repository architecture in such a way so that it will be lightweight for smart sensors, objects and handheld devices since these elements will perform simple operations. In the backend middleware, we store all the generated contexts to support complex reasoning and analysis which will be carried out for performing complex operations. Furthermore, our context repository also provides some extended functionalities which can be used by the middleware to provide context-aware services to users. Depending on our design, we will try to implement our prototype in future which will demonstrate the viability of our architecture surely.


Context, Repository, Smart sensors, Smart Objects, Collaborative Environment