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A New Digital Envelope Approach for Secure Electronic Medical Records


M Gobi, K. Vivekanandan


Vol. 9  No. 1  pp. 1-6


In the Metical sector doctors, patient and nurses need to have access to the medical records efficiently and in a secure manner. As information technology gets increasingly deployed in the medical sectors it becomes eminent that the medical records are stored electronically. Secure Electronic Medical Records (SEMR), which aims at providing a set of services which will provide secure and efficient access of the EMRs to the patients, doctors, nurses and insurance agents. The set of services that are provided by SEMR include Authentication, Authorization and Secure communication. In this paper, we suggest a implementation of a digital envelope that combines the hashing algorithm of MD5, the symmetric key algorithm of AES and the asymmetric key algorithm of Hyper Elliptic Curve Cryptography (HECC). The result illustrates that the best alternative digital envelope hybrid cryptosystem for EMR.


Authenticity, Integrity, Non-Reputability, SEMR, Electronic Medical Record, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Hyper-Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems (HECC), Message Digest version 5 (MD5), Symmetric Key, Asymmetric Key