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JPEG2000 High-Speed SNR Progressive Decoding Scheme


Takahiko Masuzaki, Hiroshi Tsutsui, Quang Minh Vu, Takao Onoye, Yukihiro Nakamura


Vol. 9  No. 1  pp. 62-68


An efficient scheme for JPEG2000 SNR progressive decoding is proposed, which is capable of handling JPEG2000 compressed image data with SNR progressiveness. In order to avoid entropy decoding of the same compressed data more than once when decoding SNR progressive images, two techniques are introduced in our decoding scheme; reuse of intermediate decoding result and differential inverse discrete wavelet transform (differential IDWT). Comprehensive evaluation of our scheme demonstrating that with 26.6% increase of required memory size, up to 50% of computational cost of entropy decoding can be reduced in comparison with conventional non-progressive decoding scheme when 9/7 irreversible DWT filter is used.


JPEG2000, Progressive decoding, Discrete wavelet transform