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Real-time programming platforms in the mainstream environments


Husein A. Al Ofeishat, Ahmad A. Al-Rababah


Vol. 9  No. 1  pp. 197-204


The functionality of a real-time system is divided into separate run able entities, referred to as tasks. The term real ?time system refers to generally-rendered system as processing unit having a set of input & output. There exists a group of notions closely intertwined when speaking of real-time system. The term embedded system refers to equipment or devices not classified as standalone general?purpose computer architectures but whose functionality resembles that of dedicated computer architectures. while stand alone general-purpose computer architectures designed to run a commonly used set of application ,there is large diversity of embedded system architectures, where as essentially one general- purpose computer architectures. In this paper, a description of existing mainstream general-purpose real-time programming platforms is presented.


Real-time systems, embedded system, QNX, Neutrino, Java