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A Trusted Model for Securing Shared Resources using Quaternionic Farey Fractions


V.Gayathri, Antony Selvadoss Thanamani


Vol. 9  No. 1  pp. 290-295


A data is subjected to variety of attacks. Some attacks are passive in nature in that information is only monitored. Other attacks are active and information is altered with intent to corrupt or destroy the data or the network itself. In the absence of security schemes, both public and private networks are susceptible to unauthorized monitoring and access and can result in system downtime and public exposure to confidential information. At the same time theoretical development in information theory and computer science show promise of providing provably secure cryptosystem. In this context, the objective of this paper is to analyze and implement highly secure cryptography scheme using the properties of quaternion Farey fractions. A cryptography model that can provide high level of confusion and thereby create more diffusion (desirable effect) is proposed in this paper. Use of quaternions has been reported in computer graphics, control theory and signal processing. For example, spacecraft attitude control systems are reported to be commanded in terms of quaternion. The techniques proposed in this paper can help in increasing the accuracy and completeness of network topology discovery and can leverage existing protocol and hardware features, and also can be implemented easily.


Number theory, Computer network Security, Cryptography, resource management