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Ternary Tree & FGK Huffman Coding Technique


Pushpa R.Suri, Madhu Goel


Vol. 9  No. 1  pp. 316-324


In this paper, the focus is on the use of ternary tree over binary tree. First of all, we give the introduction of Huffman’s coding. Then adaptive Huffman coding is discussed. Here, a one pass Algorithm developed by FGK (Fallar, Gallager, Knuth) for constructing adaptive Huffman codes for binary trees is implemented to ternary tree. In this paper, we are using the same set of symbols and try to draw Ternary tree which results in using minimum numbers of nodes (internal), minimizing path length, fast implementation, efficient memory, fast compression ratio, and in error detecting & error correcting.


Ternary tree, Huffman’s Algorithm, Adaptive Huffman coding, FGK algorithm, prefix codes, compression ratio, error detecting & correcting