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A Fast Handover Scheme Using Exponential Smoothing Method


S. Pyo, Y. Choi


Vol. 9  No. 2  pp. 61-64


Development of high-speed internet service and the increased supply of mobile devices have become the key factor for the acceleration of ubiquitous technique. WiBro system, formed with Backbone Network based on IP, is a MBWA technology which provides high-speed multimedia service in a possibly broader coverage than Wireless LAN can offer even when mobility. Wireless telecommunication environment needs not only mobility support in Layer 2 of Wibro system but also mobility management protocol in Layer 3 and has to minimize handover latency is necessary in order for the user to be provided with seamless service while mobility. Thus, this thesis suggests a scheme to reduce delay in handover in WiBro environment based on IPv4. The following suggestion applies fast handover scheme based on Cross-Layer which is measured on the basis of the estimated value of signal strength that a Mobile Station receives and it is calculated by Exponential Smoothing Method. Simulation will compare as well as analyze the existing scheme and the suggested one in order to prove the saving of handover latency.


Handover, Cross-layer, WiMAX