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Fuzzy Multi-State Allocation of the Diesel Engine Fuel Supply System


Yonghua Li


Vol. 9  No. 2  pp. 97-103


To reduce the inapplicability of binary state models in system reliability analysis, fuzzy multi-state reliability allocation model is presented in this paper. In the presented model, the fuzzy concept and multi-state reliability theory are integrated based on the state detection technology of diesel engine, and take the technology and economy into account at the same time. Fuzzy multi-state reliability theory was analyzed in detail firstly. Then, the system states allocation and optimization model were established. In the diesel engine fuel supply system which includes the fuzzy components, components’ states were represented by the functional characteristics, equivalence classes founded by using lower boundary Points, and the system states were allocated in minimum cost situation at last. Finally, an example was given to verify the effective of the proposed model.


Multi-state reliability, Fuzzy concepts, States allocation, Diesel engine fuel supply system, Optimization model