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Extending The Network Lifetime Using Optimized Energy Efficient Cross Layer Module (OEEXLM) In Wireless Sensor Networks




Vol. 9  No. 2  pp. 297-304


In wireless sensor network, the primary design is to save the energy consumption as much as possible while achieving the given task. Most of recent researches works have only focused on the individual layer issues and ignore the importance of inter working between different layers in a sensor network. In this paper, we use a cross-layer approach to propose an energy-efficient and extending the life time of the sensor network. This protocol which uses routing in the network layer, and the data scheduling in MAC layer. The main objective of this paper is to provide a possible and flexible approach to solve the conflicts between the requirements of large scale, long life-time, and multi-purpose wireless sensor networks. This OEEXLM module gives better performance compared to all other existing protocols. The performance of OEEXLM module compared with S-MAC and directed diffusion protocol.


Routing, Medium access control, life time of the network, energy efficiency, OEEXLM module, Wireless Sensor Networks