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Implementation of Image Filter for Computer Graphic Software


Jang Seung-Ju, Kim Hyung-Bo, Yoon Sang-Bok


Vol. 9  No. 3  pp. 79-86


An object of developing computer graphic S/W in this paper is, first of all, to solve manpower problem which is faced by printing and advertisement companies. The system developed in this paper enables reducing manpower by minimizing existing package design processes which are based on labor intensively and by having all works performed by computers. The system also promotes working effects of printing and advertisement designs as well as eliminates possible errors between what is requested by the user and what is actually produced before final products are made by presenting accurate sample products for advertisers. Compared to conventional method which requires a great deal of time and manpower, the present system is effective economically and timewise. Further, while conventional printing and advertisement systems are very expensive, the present system may be developed and supplied at a low cost. Using the present system for most printing and advertisement companies implies reducing expenditure for printing and advertisement. Use the Image Filter Set to adjust image sharpness and edges, as well as its brightness, contrast and color. Each image filter parameter works as a mathematical function through which the result image is affected. There are various kinds of image filters. In this paper deals with smoothing filter, edge detector, which is point, line, prewitt, sobel, laplacian detector. To implement of this filter into image editor, I use Visual C++ programming language. These image filters is very usefully utility in image editor software. In the fields of printing and advertisement, most processes prior to printing are performed manually for small businesses, and expensive Macintosh are used for large-scale businesses for the purpose of printing. PC have been used widely recently, but there have been limits that graphic S/W that can be used in PC are insufficient or using them is too expensive for small and medium businesses. Therefore, it is critical to develop graphic S/W which are not costly but equipped with necessary functions for small and medium businesses. Development of such graphic S/W is effective for reducing printing cost.


Image Filters, Smoothing Filter, Edge Detector, Image Editor