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Gridlock Prevention by Job Split-up


Suresh S, Poornaselvan


Vol. 9  No. 3  pp. 168-173


The absence of task completion and return timing guarantees from the remote clients in Internet based Computing papers is largely an annoyance when the tasks comprising the shared workload are mutually independent. When the workload’s tasks have interdependencies, that constrain the order of execution, the lack of timing guarantees presents a nontrivial scheduling challenge. Such dependencies can potentially engender Gridlock when no other tasks can be allocated for an intermediate period, pending the execution of already allocated tasks. In a Grid Framework, due to inter dependencies of the tasks in a tree structured computation, one task keeps waiting for the results of another task. The results may be delayed due to no timing guarantees and no return of results guarantees which results in a problem called gridlock.


Grid computing, Job scheduling, Gridlock, Grid framework, task interdependencies