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A Service-Oriented Component-Based Middleware Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks


Kavi Kumar Khedo, R.K. Subramanian


Vol. 9  No. 3  pp. 174-182


The use of sensor networks in different spheres of the modern society is emerging as a new trend. However, the integration and coordination of heterogeneous sensors is still a challenge, especially when the target application scenario is susceptible to constant changes. To enable a wider adoption of sensor network technologies, we must address a variety of constraints inherent in sensor network operation and provide a significantly rich level of abstraction to application users supported by efficient and robust optimization techniques. In this paper, we propose, MiSense, a service-oriented component-based middleware layer in order to support distributed sensor applications with various performance requirements. MiSense reduces complexity by imposing a structure on top of the component model in the form of composability restrictions and by offering well-defined, service-specific interfaces to the rest of the system. MiSense breaks up the middleware design into fine, self-contained and richly interacting components in order to resolve the tension between the optimization requirements for specific scenarios and the need for flexibility and reusability for developing energy efficient wireless sensor networks applications.


Sensor networks, Middleware, Service-oriented approach, Communication model, Cluster-based routing