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Designing and Optimization of Codec H-263 for Mobile Applications


Sourabh Rungta, Neeta Tripathi, Arvind K Verma, Anupam Shukla


Vol. 9  No. 3  pp. 273-278


Mobile phones size transformed today’s communication industry with their continuous reduction in size and weight, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) such as pocket PCs and palms have grown in popularity over the past years. Due to the limited processing capability, memory constraints, and the power budget of mobile clients, coders, decoders and renderer are very difficult to implement on wireless handheld PDAs. In this paper we proposed an algorithm to develop a software which implement H.263 Decoder (& renderer) and Encoders so that the software implementation must be highly optimized to achieve “reasonable” video quality.


Optimize, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), Applications, H.263, Multimedia, Encoder, Decoder, Renderer, MobiFDR