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Efficient Testing of Database Applications


Mirza Mahmood Baig, Ansar Ahmad Khan


Vol. 9  No. 4  pp. 230-236


This concept is quite recent provides a technique for more efficient testing of database applications. In the testing technique the original database remains intact throughout the experiment. When tester tests the test suites insert, delete, and modify updates are physically stored in another file or database called “Differential Table. The joint operation on Original database and differential table by sql query language together forms another database called, “Hypothetical database state”. In this paper, we have designed a computer aided formula for test suites which make “decision”, that the test requirement be executed hypothetically or traditionally. We have also designed pseudo code for hypothetical inserting and deleting tuple in the database without changing the originality of the database.


Software Testing, Hypothetical database, Differential Table, Parent Table, traditional database