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Development of the Conceptual Tool for Complete Software Architecture Visualization: DArch (DA)


K. Delhi Babu, P. Govindarajulu, A.N. Aruna Kumari


Vol. 9  No. 4  pp. 277-286


Software architecture visualization refers to the process of mapping entities in a software system domain to their graphical representation to aid comprehensive and development. Software visualization can be done based on seven key areas. There are mainly seven visualization tools to satisfy the attributes of seven key areas. Some of the attributes related to dynamic aspects should not supported by the existing tools. In order to support those aspects a new conceptual tool called DArch is proposed. By this we can achieve the properties related to dynamic perspectives. Every tool doesn’t support all the attributes related to key areas. So the comprehensive framework was designed to acquire all the key area attributes for complete software architecture visualization.


DArch, DA, Architecture Visualizatione