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Path Finder For Creating A .NET Component For Grid Based Graph


R. Anbuselvi, R.S. Bhuvaneswaran


Vol. 9  No. 4  pp. 287-291


Path finding is one of those required elements of the Computer network. Any path finding algorithm will work as long as there are no obstacles or distractions along the way. If there is an obstacle, then the character needs to figure out a way to move around and still reach the goal. Most of the path finding algorithms found in the literature [1], [2], [3] were designed with arbitrary graphs which is not realistic. To achieve the best path there are many algorithms, which are more or less effective, depending on the particular case. Efficiency depends not only on the time needed for calculation but also on the reliability of the result. In this research work we have attempted with Grid Based graph, since the search area is simplified into a manageable number of nodes. The next step is to conduct a search to find the shortest path. The efficiency can be obtained in our proposed system when number of nodes is increased with less memory and less time.


Path Finder, Creating A .NET, Grid Based Graph