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Multi-dimensional Photonic Processing, A Discrete-Domain Approach: Part I ? Design Techniques


Le Nguyen Binh


Vol. 9  No. 5  pp. 97-109


The information transport infrastructure is currently based and directionally developed towards super-dense wavelength division multiplexing with provisional routing and switching in spatial (e.g. routing to different sub-network elements) and spectral (e.g. multiplexing/demultiplexing, filtering, adding/dropping of wavelength channels) domain. The processing of photonic signals is becoming very important in these diverse domains. This paper is the Part I of three parts which has sought to integrate the fields of discrete signal processing and fiber-optic signal processing, integrated photonics and/or possibly nano-photonics to establish a methodology based on which physical systems can be implemented. Because fiber-optics is essentially one-dimensional planar medium, the methodology has been proposed in order to implement 2-D signal processing using 1-D sources and processors. A number of 2-D filter design algorithms are implemented. These algorithms are applicable to photonic filters that perform 2-D processing. The developed 2-D filter design methods are generic allowing the proposals of several photonic signal processing (PSP) architectures in Part II and part II to enable efficient coherent lightwave signal processing.


Multi-dimensional, Photonic, Design