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Multi-dimensional Photonic Processing, A Discrete-Domain Approach: Part III ? Realization


Le Nguyen Binh


Vol. 9  No. 5  pp. 124-138


This paper, Part III of the series of three parts on multi-dimension photonic signal processing proposes techniques to integrate the fields of discrete signal processing and fiber-optic signal processing, integrated photonics and/or possibly nano-photonics to establish a methodology based on which physical systems which can be implemented. Using a combination of one-dimensional filter structures, 2-D fiber-optic filters can be constructed. The relationship between the fiber-optic model and the mathematical model has been linked to allow quick implementation. Using the developed methodologies, multi-dimensional coherent photonic signal processors can be designed. The technologies to support physical realization of such systems are not yet matured, therefore it is difficult to estimate the exact capabilities of such systems. However, theoretically the architectures provide the potential for all-optical signal processing and it is envisaged that the processing bandwidth can reach the Tera-Hz region. This paper proposes a number of multi-dimensional structures that would be realizable in the near future.


Multi-dimensional, Discrete-Domain, Realization