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Development of Academic Attendence Monitoring System Using Fingerprint Identification


Tabassam Nawaz, Saim Pervaiz, Arash Korrani, Azhar-Ud-Din


Vol. 9  No. 5  pp. 164-168


In this paper we propose a system that automates the whole process of taking attendance and maintaining its records in an academic institute. Managing people is a difficult task for most of the organizations, and maintaining the attendance record is an important factor in people management. When considering academic institutes, taking the attendance of students on daily basis and maintaining the records is a major task. Manually taking the attendance and maintaining it for a long time adds to the difficulty of this task as well as wastes a lot of time. For this reason an efficient system is designed. This system takes attendance electronically with the help of a fingerprint sensor and all the records are saved on a computer server. Fingerprint sensors and LCD screens are placed at the entrance of each room. In order to mark the attendance, student has to place his/her finger on the fingerprint sensor. On identification student’s attendance record is updated in the database and he/she is notified through LCD screen. No need of all the stationary material and special personal for keeping the records. Furthermore an automated system replaces the manual system.


Fingerprints, Enrollment, Fingerprint sensor, Failure to enroll (FTE), Failure to capture (FTC), Verification, Fingerprint templates