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A Heuristic Approach for Selection of Software Architecture Using Functional Key Areas and Visualization Tools Integrated with Darch


K. Delhi Babu, P. Govindarajulu, A. Ramamohana Reddy, A.N. Aruna Kumari


Vol. 9  No. 6  pp. 248-254


Architecting the distributed software applications is a complex design activity. The selection of a best design among number of design alternatives is an important activity. To satisfy various stakeholders’ functional and non-functional requirements of a particular application, there is a need to take a number of decisions. This problem has become the multiple decision making problem. Visualization tools based on functional key areas integrated with DArch have been used in the context. In this paper we are proposing a new approach for selection of Software Architectures using functional key areas which are basis for visualization tools.


Heuristic, Darch