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BC-WASPT : Web Acess Sequential Pattern Tree Mining


D.Vasumathi, A .Govardhan


Vol. 9  No. 6  pp. 288-293


In this paper, we explore a new sequence pattern technique called BC-WAPT (Binary coded Web Access pattern Tree).it eliminates recursive reconstruction of intermediate WAP tree during the mining by assigning the binary codes to each node in the WAPTree. Sequential Pattern mining is the process of applying data mining techniques to a sequential database for the purposes of discovering the correlation relationships that exist among an ordered list of events. Web access pattern tree (WAP-tree) mining is a sequential pattern mining technique for web log access sequences, which first stores the original web access sequence database on a prefix tree, similar to the frequent pattern tree (FP-tree) for storing non-sequential data. WAP-tree algorithm then, mines the frequent sequences from the WAP-tree by recursively re-constructing intermediate trees, starting with suffix sequences and ending with prefix sequences. An attempt has been made to modify WAP tree approach for improving efficiency. BCWAPT totally eliminates the need to engage in numerous reconstruction of intermediate WAP-trees during mining and considerably reduces execution time.


WAP tree, data mining, sequential data mining, frequent pattern tree