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Face recognition system using fringe projection and moir?: characterization with fractal parameters


Diana Calva M?ndez, Sergio Calva M?ndez, Alejandro Landa Quezada, Heiko Rudolph, Mario Lehman


Vol. 9  No. 7  pp. 78-84


We show a new method for face recognition which combines the projection of structures with different characteristics (fringes, bars or grids, dots or speckle) over the face. These projections will then allow the creation of a computer-generated moir? pattern over which different kinds of fractal and complex geometry parameters are then measured. Such parameters will then be used as inputs for a neuro-symbolic hybrid system. Here, we analyze the incidence of some parameters on the efficience for the face recognition method.


Face recognition, moire structure, fractal geometry, complexity, hybrid system