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A Methodology for Modeling Software Safety in Safety-Critical Computing Systems


S. Phani Kumar, P.Seetha Ramaiah, V.Khanaa


Vol. 9  No. 7  pp. 185-193


The safety aspects of computer-based systems as increasingly important as the use of software escalates because of its convenience and flexibility. Incorrect requirements have been identified as a major cause of software accidents and it appears that current software safety standards do not place a proportionate emphasis upon this causal factor. This paper reviews existing software safety standards, guidelines and other software safety documents and also examines the limitations, practical problems and issues associated with the use of current software safety standards. In this paper, a Methodology is proposed for modeling software safety based on the current software safety standards, their merits and limitations. The tasks in this proposed methodology pertains to System and software hazard analyses, Identification of software safety-critical requirements, safety-constraints based design, software safety implementation and software safety critical testing. This methodology was applied to a laboratory prototype safety-critical Railroad Crossing Control System (RCCS). The results showed that all safety critical operations are safe and risk free and capable of handling the contingency situations.


Index Terms, Software Safety, Safety Critical Systems, Safer Software Development, Railroad Crossing Control System(RCCS)