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Reconstruction of a Time Varying Signal in a Nonlinear Environment


Hichem Arfa, Sadok El Asmi, Safya Belghith


Vol. 9  No. 8  pp. 312-316


The nonlinearity of a power amplifier or loudspeaker in a large- signal situation gives rise to a nonlinear distortion of acoustic signal. However, recent research has shown that the acoustic echo path is better to be modeled as a nonlinear system due to the nonlinear characteristic of a loudspeaker. This paper deals with the reconstruction of a time varying input in a nonlinear environment. The time varying signal used in this work is a (TV-AR) (Time Varying Auto-Regressive) model with stochastic parameters and power variations. The synthetic signal generated by the (TV-AR) model presented here can be used to simulate the speech signal temporal variations. In order to equalize a nonlinear channel excited by such signal, we use a modified version of NLMS (Normalized Least Mean Square) algorithm which depends of instantaneous power of the (TV-AR) signal. The simulation results shows that this modified version of NLMS offers a better solution for equalizing a nonlinear channel excited by a time varying input.


nonlinear system, time varying signal, equalization, adaptive algorithms