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Achieving Capability in Data Compression Using LZW++ Technique


Yusof. Mohd Kamir, Mat Deris. Mohd Sufian, Abidin. Ahmad Faisal Amri, Madi. Elissa Nadi


Vol. 9  No. 8  pp. 327-334


The development of efficient compression software to compress text and image is a challenging task. This paper presents the enhanced LZW technique in data compression. The basic framework of enhanced LZW technique is based on existing LZW technique. Modification of existing LZW structure was done in order to produce the enhanced LZW technique. Enhanced LZW technique read three characters in time during data compression while existing LZW technique read character one by one. This project employs enhanced LZW technique on data compression with text and image. Experimental test have been done performed on text and image. Comparison was made between enhanced LZW technique and existing LZW technique in terms of time performance and size of file after compression. The experiment results show that enhance LZW technique is more efficient in text compression compare to existing LZW technique.


Data Compression, LZW, LZW++, LZ-77, RLE, Text, Image