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Non-replicated Dynamic Data Allocation in Distributed Database Systems


Arjan Singh, K.S. Kahlon


Vol. 9  No. 9  pp. 176-180


Allocation of data or fragments in distributed database is a critical design issue and requires the most effort. It has the greater impact on the quality of the final solution and hence the operational efficiency of the system. Performance of the distributed database system is heavily dependent on allocation of data among the different sites over the network. The static allocation provides only the limited response to the change in workload. So, choosing an appropriate technique for allocation in the distributed database system is an important design issue. In this paper, a new dynamic data allocation algorithm for non-replicated distributed database system has been proposed. The proposed algorithm reallocates data with respect to the changing data access patterns with time constraint. This algorithm will decrease the movement of data over the network and also improve the overall performance of the system.


Distributed Databases, Static Data Allocation, Dynamic Data Allocation