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Modeling Autonomous Mobile System with an Agent Oriented Approach


Adil Sayouti, Hicham Medromi, Fatima Qrichi Aniba, Siham Benhadou, Abderrahim Echchahad


Vol. 9  No. 9  pp. 316-321


This paper focuses on the design of a control architecture, via Internet, of a mobile system. The remote control extends the sensorimotor capacities and the possibilities of actions of a human being in a distant place. The Internet network (network without Quality of Service) limits the quantity of information that can be transmitted (bandwidth) and introduces delays which can make the remote control difficult or impossible. The solution proposed, through this work, to face the limitations of the Internet, is founded on the autonomy and the intelligence, based on multi-agents systems, granted to the mobile system in order to interact with its environment and to collaborate with the remote user. The need that consists in wanting to assign to the mobile system the autonomy and intelligence brought us to examine in the detail the choice of a control architecture. This paper will present the modeling process of an autonomous mobile system with an agent oriented approach.


Control Architecture, Internet, Multi-agents System, Agent-Oriented Programming, AUML