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GOOGLY - A Cryptographic Algorithm based on Mathematical Representation of Transfer Functions of a Discrete Time System


Aakanksha Vaishnavi, Somreeta Roy, Aurobinda Laha, Narendra Kumar Verma, Pranam Paul, A K Bhattacharjee


Vol. 9  No. 10  pp. 216-219


This paper presents a new and efficient algorithm for cryptographic purpose that considers the representation of the cipher text as elements which make up the transfer function of a discrete time system in the pole-zero form. The decryption is done by conversion of the pole-zero form into the rational form and the subsequent extraction of the encrypted data from this transfer function representation. The encryption is done for normal text files. The encrypted message consists of 2 numeric arrays and a number called the gain. The process of creation of a public key cipher is discussed too.


cryptography, algorithm, Z transform, Discrete Time System, Transfer Function, signal processing