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High Density Salt and Pepper Noise Removal in Images using Improved Adaptive Statistics Estimation Filter


V.Jayaraj, D.Ebenezer, K.Aiswarya


Vol. 9  No. 11  pp. 170-176


In this paper a Non-linear Adaptive Statistics Estimation Filter to remove high density Salt and Pepper noise is presented. The algorithm detects the pixel corrupted by salt and pepper noise and replaces them with a value estimated using proposed algorithm. The algorithm detects the corrupted pixel at the initial stage itself. The performance of proposed algorithm is compared with various filters and has better image quality than the existing filters. The proposed method removes noise effectively even at noise level and preserves the fine details and edges effectively with reduced streaking at higher noise densities. The proposed filter has better image quality then existing Non-linear filters of this type.


Salt and Pepper noise, Median filter, Estimation filter, Lorentzian Estimator