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Potential Effect of Creeping User Requirements on Project Management: A Simulation Approach


P. K. Suri, Rachna Soni, Ashish Jolly


Vol. 9  No. 11  pp. 256-261


Requirements management has been discussed for at least fifteen years. As a discipline and as a practice, it has become more and more complex. In software projects new requirements are continuously issued and the objective of the requirement management is to elicit, manage and prioritize requirements. In the present study, a specific requirement management process is simulated. The stochastic parameters of the proposed system with specific system boundaries under a given environment have been estimated using event to event simulation. The present study will yield realistic results which are very near to the functioning of the live system. Based on results from simulation, conditions that result in an overload situation are identified. Simulation is also used to find process change proposals.


Requirement volatility, Requirement management, Project management, Risk factors