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Enhancement Techniques for Network Topologies in Information Technology


G.Srinivasa Rao, Arun Singh, G.Appa Rao, D.Kishore Kumar, M.Prasada Rao, D.Veerabhadra Rao, P.Surya Chandra, S.Venkata Lakshmi, D.Ramya Mallika, N.Rajender


Vol. 9  No. 11  pp. 273-282


Recently, several authors have proposed models based on power-laws to characterize Internet topologies. Most of these works use the BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) tables published by Oregon Route Views. The adjacency matrix containing AS (autonomous system) connectivity is built from a BGP table. Having access to BGP routing tables from several geographical sites gives a broader vision of ASs connectivity, since several ASs and links may be hidden for an AS due to routing processes policies, while they may be visible to other ASs. We compare BGP tables of di?erent sizes and enrich the adjacency matrix with the union of them. This comparison is based on the AS degree connectivity, clustering coe?cient and path length.


Power-laws, BGP, Autonomous Systems