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An Efficient dimension reduction algorithm to extract dorsal hand vein pattern based on Generalized Method of Moments and Moore-Penrose generalized inverse procedure


Naushad Ali Mamode Khan, Maleika Heenaye-Mamode Khan


Vol. 9  No. 12  pp. 44-48


In this paper, we present a Cartesian-based co-ordinate system (CBM) to represent dorsal hand vein pattern and also introduce a novel method to extract the dorsal hand vein pattern that is based on the generalized method of moments. However, this method leads to high dimensional covariance matrix which is singular or rank-deficient. To overcome this problem, we use a fast and accurate algorithm to compute the inverse using the Moore-Penrose method. The biometric system developed is tested on a database of 100 images. The false acceptance rate (FAR), false rejection rate (FRR) and the matching time are being computed.


Dorsal hand vein pattern, generalized method of moments, Moore- Penrose inverse