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A Highly Scalable and Efficient Distributed File Storage System


Fawad Riasat Raja, Adeel Akram


Vol. 9  No. 12  pp. 101-107


The need and use of large scale distributed storage has rapidly increased in last few years. Organizations need Terabytes of storage for their operational data and backups. Large storage systems are the ultimate solution, but they are very expensive and require higher degree of skills for their operation and maintenance e.g. Storage Area Network (SAN). We propose “A Highly Scalable and Efficient Distributed File Storage System” that is reliable, inexpensive and easy to maintain. Our system is based on peer-to-peer network architecture. To ensure the reliability of the system we use a technique of erasure codes known as Luby Transform (LT). The System is designed for deployment in Local Area Networks (LAN) but with minimal changes it can be extended for Wide Area Networks (WAN) and Internet.


Distributed Storage Systems, Peer-to-Peer Networks, Consistent Hashing, Data Blocks