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Framework to represent the software design elements in markup text - Design Markup Language (DGML)


P. K. Suri, Gurdev Singh


Vol. 10  No. 1  pp. 164-170


The software design document bridges the requirement phase activity with the implementation phase activity. Design elements are having pictorial information about the possible solution for requirements. Software modules are written from these documents. If we can represent these design elements in well-defined text format, many experiments are possible on software design for optimizing it. This paper is an initiative towards a new framework, which stores the design elements in the form of a text document with the help of proposed DGML (DesiGn Markup Language). A new syntax is created for DGML based documents. This representation of pictorials design elements in the form of text helps in design optimization, reusing the existing design and early prediction of error prone modules. A fresh new design can be obtained from existing design after parsing it for well-defined project requirements.


DGML, DGML syntax, DGML DTD, Text based design representation, Design markups, Design element