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Development of real time Face detection system using Haar like features and Adaboost algorithm


A.S.M Shihavuddin, Mir Mohammad Nazmul Arefin, Mir Nahidul Ambia, Shah Ahsanul Haque, Tanvir Ahammad


Vol. 10  No. 1  pp. 171-178


Human face detection is an active area of research covering several disciplines such as image processing, pattern recognition and computer vision. This paper describes a face detection framework that is capable of processing input images pretty swiftly while achieving high detection rates. The existing methods for face detection can be divided into image based methods and feature based methods. The developed system is intermediary of these two, using a hybrid method comprising boosting algorithm and a hyper plane to train a classifier which is capable of processing images rapidly while having high detection rates. Using the response of simple Haar-based features used by Viola and Jones [1], AdaBoost algorithm and an additional hyper plane classifier, the presented face detection system is developed. This system is further modified by some intuitive noble heuristics. A set of experiments in the domain of face detection is presented. The system yields face detection performance comparable to the best previous systems.


Adaboost algorithm, Haar like features, false positive, false negative