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An approach of quality simplification of 3D model using MAYA API


Yogesh Singh, B.V.R.Reddy, R. Rama Kishore


Vol. 10  No. 2  pp. 105-112


Computer Graphics applications are passing through the problem of having complex polygonal surface models for the limited available hardware capacity. These models cause large processing time and less transmission speed. There is a trade off between quality of these models and processing time. As we improve the quality of mesh the processing time increases and vice-versa. It is proposed to address this problem by simplifying the surface while maintaining its quality at run time. The algorithm uses iterative contractions of edges to simplify models. The main issue of edge contraction is to decide which edge to be contracted. This is answered by the use of quadric error matrices. Each edge is assigned with a quality attribute based on quadric error technique and the edges will be deleted on the “least quality contract first” basis. The proposed concept is implemented in MAYA API programming and complex models can be easily simplified through plug in.


surface simplification, edge contraction, quadric error metric, MAYA API