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Computations of “Radioactive decay” and “Electron trapped in an infinite potential well” using Lab View


Hassan I. Mathkour, Abdulaziz M. Al.Mutairi, Ahtisham S. Ahmad


Vol. 10  No. 2  pp. 131-138


A number of scientific simulations are explained which were programmed in Lab view .We choose Lab view because of its convenience for visualization. The scientific topics covered in the paper are “Radioactive decay” and “Electron trapped in an infinite potential well”, with a brief theory and background of both the processes along with the mathematical equations. The algorithm used to produce the decay simulation is based on random process for which we used Monte Carlo method. Specifically we are to determine when radioactive decay looks exponential and when it looks stochastic (i.e. determined by chance).Where as the other simulation is based on the analytical equation. Every probable aspect in the programs is elaborated in terms of charts and graphs for better understanding.


Lab view, electron, potential well, Schrodinger equation, simulation, decay law, graphs