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An Object Oriented Modeling and Implementation of Web Based ETL Process


Radha Krishna, Sreekanth


Vol. 10  No. 2  pp. 192-196


The data warehousing environment includes components that are inherently technical in nature. These cleansing components function to extract, clean, model, transform, transfer and load data from multiple operational systems into a single coherent data model hosted within the data warehouse. The analytical environment is the domain of the business users who use application to query, report, analyze and act upon data in the data warehouse. The conventional process of developing custom code or scripts for this is always a costly, error prone and time-consuming. In this paper, we propose a web based frame work model for representing extraction of data from one or more data sources and use transformation business logic, load the data within the data warehouse. All the above mentioned have been modeled using UML because the structural and dynamic properties of an information system at the conceptual level are more natural than other classical approaches. New feature of entire loading process of data movement between source and target system is also made visible to the users. In addition a reporting capability to log all successful transformations is provided.


data warehouse, transformation, loading, log, extraction,UML