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Improved HomePlug 1.0 FEC with SOVA Algorithm and Erasure Decoding


Fatma Rouissi, Fethi Tlili, Larbi Ben Hadj Slama, Adel Ghazel


Vol. 10  No. 2  pp. 300-306


The attractive high data rate communication systems over Power line channels are usually suffering from many kinds of interferences, among which the impulsive noise is the most critical. This article presents an improved HomePlug 1.0 FEC (Forward Error Correction) stage, by keeping the same hardware architecture, but adding an extra processing in the two decoding blocs. In order to compensate impulsive noise effect on communication quality, especially burst errors presence, we propose to use the SOVA algorithm in the inner decoder and an erasure RS as an outer one. SOVA algorithm provides a reliability measure for each decoded bit, which helps to mark and locate erasures, useful for the next stage. A statistical study allows verifying the validity of the used hypothesis in Erasure detection. Simulation results of the complete PLC system illustrate good improvement in BER and correction ability performances whatever are noise pulses types and durations.


PLC, HomePlug 1.0, impulsive noise, FEC, SOVA, reliability, erasures