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Design of Real Time scheduler simulator and Development of Modified Round Robin architecture


Yaashuwanth.C R. Ramesh


Vol. 10  No. 3  pp. 43-47


The main objective of this paper is to develop a new scheduling algorithm for scheduling of tasks in real time operating systems. The proposed architecture is a modified version of round robin architecture which is used for scheduling of tasks in real time operating systems. It is observed that the proposed architecture solves the drawbacks of simple round robin architecture in real time operating systems by decreasing the number of context switches waiting time and response time thereby improving the system performance This paper also explains the development of a new Web-enabled simulation framework: to study and evaluate the performance of various uniprocessor real-time scheduling algorithms for real-time scheduling. Task ID, deadline, priority, period, computation time, and phase are the input task attributes to the scheduler simulator and chronograph imitating the real-time execution of the input task set and computational statistics of the schedule are the output. The proposed framework for the scheduler simulator is mainly developed to be used as a teaching tool. The Web-based deployment of the simulator enables the user a platform-, machine- and software-independent utilization of the technical resource.


Scheduling algorithm, round robin, real-time, uniprocessor