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Test Requirements of Service Connections with their Applications to a Testing Tool


Hoijin Yoon


Vol. 10  No. 3  pp. 129-135


This paper presents what should be test requirements of service connections in Service-oriented architecture (SOA), and then it applies the test requirements to real SOA systems and a common web service test tool, SoapUI. Services in SOA are deployed on their proper layers according to whether they are biased on business process or application solution. An interaction between services in the different layers is called connection while an interaction between them in the same ones is called integration. So a connection is a new and important spot to be tested in SOA. This paper present test requirements for the connection and generates test requirements for SOA systems of real companies as the examples. And it also explains how to apply the test requirements to a common web service test tool, since many SOA developers still stay on the tools supporting Web services.


Service-oriented architecture, testing, service connection, web service, business service layer, application service layer, SoapUI