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Ternary Tree & A New Huffman Decoding Technique


Pushpa R.Suri, Madhu Goel


Vol. 10  No. 3  pp. 165-172


In this paper, the focus is on the use of ternary tree over binary tree. First of all, we give the introduction of Huffman’s coding. Then Huffman decoding is discussed. Here, a new one pass Algorithm for Decoding adaptive Huffman ternary tree codes is implemented. To reduce the memory size and speed up the process of searching for a symbol in a Huffman ternary tree, we purpose a memory efficient array data structure to decode the binary codeword. Here we develop two algorithms. In first algorithm we use Huffman ternary tree with height h with binary codeword which results out the corresponding symbol of the given codeword in very short time and requires less memory. In the second algorithm, we use array data structure to decode the binary codeword. Both algorithms show totally new formulas and require less effort.


Ternary tree, Huffman’s Algorithm, Adaptive Huffman coding, Huffman decoding, prefix codes, compression ratio, error detecting & correcting