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A Novel Method for Representing XML DOM Data


Puspha rani Suria, Neetu Sardanab


Vol. 10  No. 4  pp. 71-77


XML is an acceptable standard for data representation and exchange on the World Wide Web. In the XML (Extensible Markup Language) based web applications like time series analysis, risk analysis, share marketing, forecasting system where data is homogeneous in nature, complex calculations are being done to analyze the data. We can’t compromise with large processing time of mathematical processing system due to preparing data set for processing. That’s why time efficient buffer creation is primary goal, so that total time taken in processing and generating pattern should be significantly less. This paper emphasis is to store XML data after DOM parsing in proposed way to get best response time if we are dealing with homogeneous data. An investigation is being conducted in simulated environment for getting XML data from database and parses it to store in proposed way then after processing was done on data set. It is being found that while parsing XML data if tag and structure both are stored in a presented architecture of single buffer then it will give high performance in time for parsing and responding result of computation.