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New Enhanced Exact String Searching Algorithm


Mahmoud Moh’d Mhashi, Mohammed Alwakeel


Vol. 10  No. 4  pp. 193-202


Exact string Searching is one of the most important problems that had been investigated by many studies ranging from finding the shortest common super string in DNA sequencing to searching for occurrences of a pattern occurs in text editors. In this paper, a new Enhanced Checking and Skipping Algorithm (ECSA) is introduced. The new algorithm enhance the classical string searching algorithms by converting the character-comparison into character-access, by using the condition type character-access rather than the number-comparison, and by starting the comparison at the latest mismatch in the previous checking, which in turn increases the probability of finding the mismatch faster if there is any. A computer program is developed to compare the performance of the introduced algorithm against the conventional Na?ve (brute force) and Boyer-Moore-Horsepool (BMH) algorithms. The results of the experiment show that the performance of the enhanced algorithm is outperform the performance of the introduced algorithms.


String-searching, pattern matching, checking and skipping, Condition type, multiple references